About Us and Our Farm

About Us and Our Farm

My partner, Mike and I have been together since 2010. We were actually high school sweethearts and dated way back in 1999 and 2000 when I was a senior and he was a junior. I guess I never got over him, because all these years later, here we are! We have two amazing boys, Ben and Myles.

Though I’m an IT nerd by day, I’ve dreamed of having a farm since I was a little girl. My cousins raised livestock for 4-H and I always envied them. In my adult life, I’ve always been working toward getting to where I could move out of the city and get a piece of land where I could at least have a few backyard chickens…

My dream came true when we moved to our little red farmstead in 2015. It was a house we’d driven past and admired countless times, and we were lucky to be shopping for houses just when it came on the market. The farmhouse itself was built in 1801 and is situated on just over 3.5 acres. While we would have loved to have a bit more land, we couldn’t resist the history and beauty of this home!

Mike is more of a city boy at heart, but he’s adapted really well to rural life. He loves a good building-project, so he’s been hugely helpful in that department, and he’s always supportive of my crazy ideas. I love working with animals, so tending to livestock is one of my favorite things to do around the homestead. I also like canning and preserving, and I’m looking forward to learning more about home-dairying in the near future. I have a pretty black-thumb, but I’m also hoping to improve my gardening skills in the coming years.

Ben is participating in his second year of 4-H showing LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Myles tags along at 4-H and will be showing goats in the “peewee” class this fall.

I work as a full-time .NET web developer, and I do freelance web development and design, specializing in custom WordPress themes. When I’m not busy with our boys, programming, or doing homesteading-work, I love to knit and crochet.

About Our Farm

Our “farm” is really more of a homestead or “hobby farm” (though I’m not really a fan of that term). Currently, we’re able to provide milk (goats), eggs (chickens and ducks), and meat (chickens and rabbits) for our family as well as enough extra eggs to sell during the spring and summer months. In the future we’re also hoping to start gardening and plant a small orchard.

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